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Sidney Cartwright

Portrait of Sydney Cartwright

Sydney Cartwright

Sidney Cartwright was a Wolverhampton business man who manufactured toys.  He was also an art collector and his art collection is now in the possession of Wolverhampton City Council.

Sidney Cartwright was a well-respected gentleman who was very involved with the community.  He was an alderman of the borough, a magistrate for Staffordshire, chairman of the Wolverhampton Branch of Justices and chairman of the Wolverhampton Bank.

He befriended many of the best artists and bought their best works.  His collection included works of art by Hardy, Landseer and Faed among others.

He died in 1883, aged 81, leaving his collection of paintings to his wife, Maria.  When she died in 1888, she left it to the borough of Wolverhampton as her husband would have wanted:

“I make the last preceding gift as a memorial to my late husband who during a long life accumulated all of the greater part of the said pictures and who was desirous that eventually the same be dedicated to some public purpose in a manner calculated to impart general pleasure.”

Many of these pictures are now on display at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

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